Thursday, June 12, 2014

Politics, sports and yoga

          Romanian people , making idle as a result of the flow of slaves provided conquests , came to his Emperor " bread and games to get to the leaders of modern democracies take care to ensure the living bread and purchasing power of consumers and the game alike - . , All of the cyclists France , Roland Garros tennis , soccer stadium Parc des Princes 24 hours of Le Mans and elsewhere, and all the ruling elites , even in the smallest town , and stir in the comedy sports which is to criticize the nation's main purpose , the government can , if we do not occupy estourbissait in this infantilization fun. , but we have not yet recorded Olympics yoga , it is to remain immune against this farce . during the many musicians and some athletes do yoga , and it is hoped that the measures put , can only win of civilization .

Sports - Entertainment and yoga

          People in the Middle Ages , work twelve hours a day, and was framed religious calendar of saints for a lot of festivals , and it was a little recreational sports . Was it just noble warriors - sports and fishing in this case, before the invention of the kings of the past, " real tennis " , which serve as it was annoying them . Modern man , and served by the device , and the enslavement of the peoples of the work remotely cheap , discovered the joy and takes the sport. If you're killing time I " exercise and yoga also kill time, but are designed differently. Entertainment all movements of yoga to calm and quiet , comfortable, and the ideas of practice and education aimed at psychological stability of meditation , but the time as a movement , each machine is able to visualize the time by the movement to measure , in fact , so , in meditation , and time is no longer . yoga is in fact a way , time and anxiety of conscience that is always associated to . exceeded linked to sports and recreation , and yoga has a different function .

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fishing and sports and yoga

          What goes up during the war, for hunting , and which is said to war against non-human species . Moreover , in ancient times , and the barbarians are infrared Rights - hunting and war mixed so far . A number of trace Sports Huntress history, such as horseback riding , archery and swimming, running and wrestling itself . The static nature of yoga prohibit this session , in addition to the fact that Yogi generally vegetarian . But the important thing is that the reports of game hunting , and the spoils of war , so that the finality of State itself , while yoga sees its purpose in self-realization .

War , sports and yoga

          Darwinism without brutality , it is clear that this sport inherits strongly drive to war. Javelin , hard disk , and run a predator or prey in flight , and shooting , and the gun , and the fight against teams in the group matches , tennis and other combat sports fencers , it did not stop to find the war in Sports and Vocabulary in abundant evidence . Wits who also regret for the excesses of supporters or low blows during the games , they are not without hypocrisy " .. War is war , it is understood that none of it looks good in yoga can report only a series of positions as a" defeat of the sun (Suryanamaskar) , " through training Kshatriya ( warrior caste ) seems derivative , and thus is a part originally of martial arts , but this is virtually invisible . , and also note that the famous" Martial Arts " India, China and Japan , while no doubt the art of war , which is part of the nature and purpose of yoga. this proves that the warrior sport side is not what prevents it , in other words , it is still possible to play the game themselves Western practice and spiritual in the spirit of martial arts, Eastern , and so close to the spirit of yoga.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sporting spirit and yoga

          Like the Greeks of Science and Art of War , and despise the work that the slave issue. Christianity , so that all the people of the son of Adam and Eve , and equality. But the mass of people was difficult . Even science is mixed with the work and gave the technology. This was the birth of power , especially since the introduction of the machine and the expansionist and aggressive dynamic did the rest of Western civilization : " the spirit of sport " was born . It is to conquer , in fact, to conquer , to control all the things inherited from the Greeks dominated , with respect , not degrading , Restbrüderlichenund " fair play " , inherited from Christianity . The reality is often quite different , especially when the excitement of barbarism , sometimes turns to hatred , fans at a football game . But in a well- run clubs to educate our young people to emulate the spirit of camaraderie more emotional colored males . None of this is in yoga , traditional least found . The aim of the entertainment and body Atemkontrolledes only lift the veil to hide deep feelings of intervention and consciousness. This quietly meditating yogi to control his body , not to improve on the body itself , or to get him some performance. On the other question, which is essential in this sport , and there is almost always competition or non-existent in emulation of yoga. Certainly, there are fraternities Yogi , master gear and the pupil , and thus human relationships such force that a weak family ties with them , but being a yoga or to overcome the other , or for the exercise of his charity . This is done for individual self-knowledge about the collective delusion that life is also part of a group of individuals is not for everyone , as it is a collective . "The spirit of sport" , with its strengths and weaknesses , are specific sports .

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Relax With Yoga

Yoga seems to females by their own way. It puts a lot of emphasis on the effect of sensory . He said he does not appreciate the spirit of competition . It's easier , not the goal, but the implementation of the standard qualitative position well . The man likes to see the tears of painful desire athletic performance ; women and characterized by the graceful fluidity of the dance , which seems to run effortlessly. Perfection in yoga is of this type .
          But yoga is a male in his goal in any case. The spirit of yoga and floor, then doing the same thing in any direction that the spirit of the alleged - Sports "believes that everything is subject to change birth , development and death , and death , all of this is about the future of the manifestations of psychological transition. Research , that the spirit of yoga , and a state of absolute consciousness , which in meditation position , it is eloquently balance and stability remarkable wonderful testifies that his philosophy . certainly some women access , just as much as able to meet the needs of the drives , and women are to be overcome .

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Masculinity and femininity sports and yoga

          As a means of , and sports are male ; purpose as it is feminine . As a means of , and yoga is feminine , such purposes males.

          Sports virility and clear . It is always to beat the opposing team or competitor , or against his " result" to achieve " power" or " piece of art " sport. Vocabulary and mentality is that war and hunting and conflict . Desire, ambition , energy, and passion to penetrate the dominant to another are essential qualities for this sport and art as a male . Moreover , for a long time , and it was mainly the business . Women participating in the exhibition , such as deer in the battle deer .
          And yet , from the standpoint of Yoga and Sports and its purpose is feminine . In all the traditions of the ancient world is the " country " female and " Heaven" male ; human development concerns , and interests of women and spiritual , male . However, women are programmed physically and mentally so that earthly life and material and give a human , while the men , in many cases, and more than that he seeks a strong , superhuman , and is not afraid to dedicate his life , even sacrifice , not for the development of his family and property , but for some cases, spiritual, intellectual or ideal . The man is the conqueror of useless in the eyes of the woman who leads the use of generations and enrichment materials. Modern sport , which represents the performance of its objectives and their games , and it looks exactly as it eats up the world of males in the female perspective on the world. This is also in the contemporary world as a whole is the case, and this is why there is very little intellectually manly men currently . So it is not surprising that more and more women playing sports and modern nibble constantly on the male energy .