Monday, August 1, 2011

Cholesterol is the main factor

Cholesterol is the main factor that facilitates the development of clogged or blocked arteries. When cholesterol goes beyond certain levels, they begin to accumulate in the arteries restrict the circulation of blood to the heart, and eventually lead to all kinds of heart complaint. To address this problem, there are some drugs that do not allow the arteries beapproach blocked by reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood. To reduce the happenrence of a heart attack in the future, a blood test called lipid profile test should be done. This investigation determines the levels of cholesterol in the blood. When it finds more than the recommended level, preventive medications are given to lower the acceptable limits.

To keep away from the happenrence of heart complaint, we must adhere to a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and keep away from foods that tend to raise cholesterol levels.

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