Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the psyche of how to do it?

 First, "PSY" is the point with you. In one or more meetings to talk the time to understand what is happening in general, the first interview talk with your child in your presence. The therapist may meet separately with you. During this initial communication, it can lead to your child "psychological tests" ...

Then, according to the balance, it may:

They feel that calm and the situation is not worrying and do not need to discuss your child.

Suggest to check your child once or twice or repeat report in several months.
Send your child's psychological. Professionals use one or more approaches and adapted with children (see "major psychological treatment"): CBT, family therapy, psychoanalysis, and relaxation, hypnosis ... Child psychiatrist alone get with the family, a group of children ... Sometimes difficult to dare, processor requests details about the way to work. However, do not hesitate, and will answer your questions.

Finally, he can prescribe medication for your child (can only psychiatrist).

During the first session, recommended if you "no comment" or your child with someone, do not hesitate to return to the doctor, who advised her to speak and another professional. It is important that your child is comfortable and safe, and feel with the person who takes care of him.

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