Friday, December 28, 2012

How to stay healthy during flu season

It is easier to keep in the cold and flu season healthy, if simple measures are followed.

No one can guarantee that a person gets sick. Although vaccines against influenza is not a guarantee that a person is not the flu. Vaccination reduced the severity of flu-infected recipients should. However, there are some next steps for vaccination, to help people stay healthy. These measures to maintain a full year to better health for all.


First, wash your hands is very important. Wash hands often. The general rule is to wash for a period of time, sing the ABC song. If there is no soap and rubbed his hands together under water is better than nothing. Should not be touched by the two sides. Leave a public toilet, make sure you use a paper towel or tissue to open the door.

When washing your hands, and people often forget to wash their wrists. And is included as part of the wrist and hand in the laundry. Even when wearing a short-sleeved shirt, it is recommended cleaning weapons. Often, people in their weapons over the counter in a store that was identical with the hands on the surface, resting. If accidentally touched the arm is moved immediately and germs in his hands.

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