Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hair into small sections set

Section with clips so that you can work on one section at a time. Use this method if you have a lot of long hair with a lot of games it. Go to the next step, if your child is shorter and easier to manage hair.


Hair until you reach the games . Pour some hot water into a bowl and add a little soap. Create your cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Use a towel and give you a real matches. Dough between towel as you massage. You'll see smeared games dissolved in the tissues. Rinse towel, then repeat until the games has been resolved hair. Combed yarns then think that you have to remove all. Repeat with the towel, so you can comb along the way through the shutters.


Soap hair, and be sure to use the air conditioning, because the soap tends to dry out the hair. Ensure that all games hair removal before washing.

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