Sunday, January 20, 2013


Usually a hair product that you use to keep your hair in place. But it can be messy to use, Cause your hair to have the look and feel of wet, and even affect the environment. There are other ways You can choose the style and keep your hair in place without hairspray. Is it a spark of an idea? Choose accessories that keeps hair in place, such as hair clips, combs, barrettes, rings, hairpins Darlings. Cut your pony into two sections. Wrap each part with a portion of your hair on each side. Attach the two Sides with a clip, clip, hair pin or comb.

Hair pulling

And on each side in the middle, and a contract with a scrunchie or clip. Let your hair behind comments Ponytail. Buy gel , Strengthening foam and curl. Comb through wet hair gel Stylish and look back still apply. Apply mousse to hair to complete the look, all mark. Retrieved pole hair and compact bouclesfrisotter keep fresh every day.

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