Sunday, February 3, 2013

The drug treatment of obesity

 The drug treatment of obesity long taboo. And for good reason! Exposed to these drugs first of the serious health risks. Today I went the most dangerous products for effective new therapeutic categories.

Was first used drugs in the treatment of obesity amphetamine derivatives, including amfepramone, a molecule with properties anorectic (appetite). Like all members of the family doping, the molecule has been removed from the market for several years. The risk of psychological dependence and mental disorders, depression and cardiovascular disease, which can lead to dangerous drug is likely to cause serious or fatal accidents.

Plants Vs balance

Many doctors turned MédicamentsDe to overcome herbal pounds of their patients, and especially in cases of slight overweight - obesity. Most of these are made ​​of green tea products, and Orthosiphon, meadowsweet is sometimes associated with laxative such as seaweed. Although not proven, and should facilitate the energy expenditure and fat burning and thus. Without a prescription, and will be repaid, often described by the physician in conjunction with a balanced diet and changes in diet. Respect, like any drug or dietary supplements, which is eaten in moderation.

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