Friday, February 8, 2013

The word "psychology"

Go to see the shrink: it is not easy!

 Either institution (school and justice ..) encourages you to offer advice or you do it yourself approach, he must decide whether to call the contraction and keep this appointment very heavy majority of parents. This is normal. It takes time to get used to the idea of consent as a couple, and find the energy to go. And if the decision is made, you can long waiting periods before getting discourage you on a date ...

The word "psychology" is still fear (fear of madness, mental illness, and asylum ...). Fears, however, had no difficulty in not crazy! And going to see their child not to tell his story in detail for years to shrink.

Maybe you're afraid to learn to shrink "fuss" things in themselves, in your marriage, in the family ... It may happen that this consultation little instability in the beginning, but this approach is often useful to a real help for your child and you.

Help your child when it comes you need a lot of attention and action, but it's easier if you can formulate his thoughts, feelings ... You can teach your child to recognize and express their concerns of childhood: be useful at all stages of life.

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