Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BMI Developing Countries

A normal level of fat is between 17 and 22%. However, M.C. I. And displays the difference on a global scale. Standard I. It is based mainly on population MC Caucasus. This indicator does not apply to other peoples. Asia, Africa or the Pacific have body mass indices differ from those of the European population.

We also know that now I. MC is a tool for measuring the weight / size is not sufficient to assess disease risk in obese people.

There are 115 million people suffer from obesity in developing countries, paradoxically, in some of these countries, people with obesity and malnutrition meetings. This is partly due by two economic phenomena of origin:

* Global decline of sugar;
Oil production is * a US-sponsored activity in many of these countries.

Therefore, oil and sugar are cheaper food, making it easier to access these populations at the expense of other products, which can lead to a lack of protein, vitamins and trace elements, and so forth.

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