Wednesday, March 6, 2013

List of issues

Obesity is a multifactorial, involving genetic and physiological dimension (hereditary). But the recent explosion in the number of obese people is mainly due to several factors related to lifestyle:

Reasons to support

* For the first time in history, it can be that a large percentage of people eat properly, or overeat or eat without taking into account their needs (such as eating too quickly, and this can not feel satiety and stop and meals). In the past, they met regular episodes of food shortages and famines.

* A variety of foods available 7 days 7 and 24 of the 24 without food, and that could promote a snack with a lot of calories. Snacking most commonly used is probably the candy on the basis of fats and sweets and crisps (...). These products are usually rich in simple carbohydrates and fats. While satisfied to a large extent the amount of energy with these products, are not always get the satiety. Finally, when you eat the same food always (which was the case in the past), satiety (lack of interest in eating) that there is enough energy, while the consumption of food is extraordinary, this distorted information.

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