Sunday, April 14, 2013

Healthy food choices

Grocery stores are great because you find everything you need under one roof, their paths are wide and there is even a quick buck.

But there are many ways on how to distinguish good food not so good ? The key is to know what you need to plan the meals. There are different ways to choose foods that offer the best nutritional value for you and your family.

* First, go to the radius of fruit and vegetables. To be able to make a bad choice, because they are all
   good for you.

* Always buy bread and pasta with whole wheat bread or whole grain mixes rather than mixtures of
   bleached or enriched flour.

* Avoid soft drinks and replace them with water, milk, juice, low sugar and tea.

* Choose low-fat salad dressings and condiments. They contain large amounts of Sugar and additives
   are harmful to health.

* Want edible oils are better for your health. The walnut oil, canola oil and olive oil Can replace oil
   vegetable oils and fats.

* Avoid foods and meat and meat products, the preservatives and high in fat.Meat, spaghetti and
   ravioli, canned a lot of salt, fat and additives harmful for health.

* Resist pizzas and frozen food and other frozen entrees.

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