Monday, May 6, 2013

Food - The Basics

Anti-nutrients. This is the name of the article, which can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, or are processed by the body needs more food it offers. Dietary supplements (. Dyes, sulfites, nitrates, etc.), and hydrogenated oils, pesticides, and toxic molecules produced by frying or grilling, and alcohol (more than a certain amount), coffee and tea (when taken with meals): Here are a few. Drug, cigarette smoke, and gases such as carbon dioxide, etc.. Also act as anti-nutrients.

Of course it's better to concentrate nutrients ... But compose lists required for each nutrient in the desired proportions and can become a very daunting task. Fortunately, it is possible to simplify life, including through a few basic principles.

The vast majority of experts in the field of nutrition, if not some of the formal status of a number of principles that can guide us. For most people without health problems, make some adjustments to his eating habits - to better reflect these principles - can lead to a big improvement.

And balanced meals. The idea is to choose their own food in the various food groups: fruits and vegetables (half board), and grains (a quarter of the plate), and meat and alternatives (quarter, etc.), in addition to the presence of calcium intake by eating dairy products, for example. Even your own meals as follows:

A healthy dose of carbohydrates and grain and flour all inclusive and diverse land of stone preferred(. Soybeans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc.): - protein should be favored enough protein from legumes, and fish;

Low fat (fat), it is particularly important for the right fats, as they choose in seeds, nuts and vegetable oils, perfect cold compress (olive oil, canola oil, for example).

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