Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swimming risk of cardiovascular

Winter swimming risk of cardiovascular

If there is a very strong desire, but know that you are exposed to the risk of heart and large blood vessels. Dumping causes contraction of blood vessels, less blood flows to the heart contracts.

Be sure to prepare your body to heat shock. Hypothermia is not evil reserved for the summer: the difference in the outside temperature of the water can cause discomfort.

Tips for swimming

    Warm up your body: jumping on the spot, click your arms and legs, circular motions with his arms for a few minutes before the bathroom.
    Keep warm clothes, jacket or dress, for example, until the last minute. It is wrong that exposure to cold ambient air strike facilitate penetration into the water.
    First reflexogenic wet rooms: the neck, the carotid artery, but also in the stomach. Wear a swim cap to protect from the cold? "It is useless," says Dr. San Marco.

And contrindications

Swimming should be banned if cardiovascular disease, and if you're not in great shape and should also be banned when alcohol consumption. Make sure that the organization provides the ultimate control by rescuers at sea or fire. I do not think in Baden crazy friends Paris run without supervision: it is your life that you.

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