Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tobacco effects

"Tobacco is the scourge of the arteries in general. A two smoke caused serious illness associated with smoking. If it does not encourage high blood pressure, a major risk factor still blood vessels," says Dr. Murad.

In fact, smoking accelerates atherosclerosis and aging, such as diabetes or cholesterol. This is the origin of inertia hypertension for 50 years.

"Obesity has become a direct factor of high blood pressure," said the doctor. The establishment of a balanced diet is important to prevent it. "Prevention of obesity can be avoided lifelong treatment."
Prevention: attention to keep the salt!

About contraception, especially the pill, it participates to estrogen. It enables the hormonal systems that lead to increased blood pressure by salt retention. "For women must be combined prone to high blood pressure or high blood pressure, and birth control pills under medical supervision," said Dr. Murad.

   In general it can be said that high blood pressure in young women strongly linked with triple pill, obesity and lack of exercise.

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